I totally get your argument and your enthusiasm, but I think it’s something else that is really problematic with Bitcoin. Once it reaches a certain point, say 20% of people using it, it creates a strong disincentive for the 80% that didn’t invest to join, simply due to the disproportionate early adopters bias. Don’t forget, Bitcoin aims at being a currency, not a stock or an investment. I think the underlying technology will subsist, and we will eventually all adopt a “basket” of cryptocurrencies, but definitely not a cryptocurrency which grants a select few individuals enough purchasing power to become the “new” 0,1%.. I’ve written about it here: https://medium.com/breathe-publication/bitcoins-early-adopters-bias-is-what-might-kill-92bd9d319cd3

Political thinker, amateur philosopher, crypto-enthusiast and recently awakened to a spiritual transcendental reality.. https://marmadeveloper.wixsite.com/home

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